Dances of the Moor King

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These are the most important fiestas of this town. The fiesta is organised by the Danseros (Dancers - 18-year-old youths) who, dressed up in a suit and hat and accompanied by the dolçaina and the tabalet, come round every afternoon to pick up the girl dancers to go and dance in the Town Hall square. This dance takes place every day (except on 31st December) from 26th December to 1st January around about 5:30pm. The most relevant events are the Serenata a la Reina Mora (Moor Queen Serenade) and the Noche de los Cohetes (Rocket Night - on the evening of 27th December), the Day of the Moor King (28th December) and the entrance of the Naranjeros who are the 17-year-old youths who will be the Danseros the following year (on 1st January).

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