Festividad de Semana Santa de Alicante - Event of National Tourist Interest

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Experience this Event of National Tourist Interest in which devotion, cuisine, tradition and art come together with incredible effect.

During Semana Santa – Holy Week – Alicante comes alive with countless cultural events and leisure activities. Beyond visiting places like Santa Bárbara castle and Mercado Central, Holy Week gives you the opportunity to experience the union of tradition and devotion in a number of spectacular events.

In the weeks leading up to Semana Santa, there is a marked increase in the number of events on the city. Tamboradas (drum performances), Vía Crucis, rehearsals and events led by the religious brotherhoods combine with foodie get-togethers that shine the spotlight on the traditional dishes served at Lent and Easter. Saetas, mantillas (veils), children’s competitions, exhibitions of beautiful pasos (religious floats): the list of things to see and do goes on and on. You can also see the biggest paso in Spain, that of Santa Cena, and see images made by Salzillo and Bussi. Make your way to Alicante at Easter to take part in the incredible festivities.

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