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A classical style building, although on the inside there are elements of the purest art deco, which was built between 1923 and 1936 according to the project of the architect Joaquín Pla Laporta. The property occupies the terrain of the old drying area of the Royal Cloth Factory, an institution that as early as 1855 instigated - together with the Town Council - the creation of a technical school to train specialised operators and businessmen versed in the new industrial techniques. On the eve of its being opened, in 1936, the Civil War turned the building into barracks and, months later, into a military hospital - called Swedish-Norwegian, as a consequence of the humanitarian aid that the Spanish Republic received from these countries. This School of Industrial Engineering Experts from 1972 onwards went on to become attached to the Polytechnic University of Valencia and in 1994 it was turned into a University College for Further Education, which has expanded its facilities in the industrial buildings of the square known as Placeta de Ferrándiz y Carbonell.
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