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The celebrations in honor of the "Santicos de la Piedra" have always been one of the largest and best known festivals in the area, and it remains a traditional meeting year after year. Today, these celebrations consist of six consecutive days full with activities for all ages, such as children's games and activities, popular open-air balls, donkeys races and traditional animal exhibits, concerts for the young and not so young, processions, parades, the Farmer Museum... and endless activities to fill a six-day festival. Together with the celebration of the Fair and the Festivities in honor of the patron saints San Abdon and San Senén, the Moors and Christians festival takes place organized by the Festive Central Board of San Andrés. The board consists of eight Moor troops and seven Christian troops. The participation and involvement of local people in them was quite important from the beginning, living the celebrations with intensity and total dedication during the four days of festivities or doing other activities outside the period in which they are developed, such as the Middle Festive year, on the day of the patron saint, San Andrés. Among all the acts performed during the days on which these festivities take place, the most important and busiest are: the Retreat, in which the troops parade in disguise through the streets of Almoradi; short parades before major official events, such as the presentation of the festive positions or the Castle Embassy; the opening of Kabila and Cuartelillos; Moors and Christians parades where the number of visitors is massive, 'despertaes' (wake-up calls) by both sides; embassies by Moors and Christian; Barrel Embassy; and Melon Embassy. The Barrel Embassy is a unique event in Almoradi. An good humored embassy by the Captain and the corresponding Sultanate, which annually attracts a larger audience. Similarly, the Melon Embassy, by the troupe Moro Almoradi, arose spontaneously among the groups members and year after year, it has been gaining popularity, and it is today a success. With these events, after the music is over in the Kabila and Cuartelillos, these days full of fun, entertainment and color get to an end.

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