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The riurau are the traditional buildings in the landscapes of the rural Marina Alta. They are emblematic buildings, and unique in the world. The structure is specifically designed to dry the grapes properly so they can turn into raisins. That is the reason why these structures have an open space with an open porch on the longitudinal part, formed by 3, 4, 5 or more arches.

The case of Benigembla is significant, for it is the town where more remains of riuraus are located. Small fragments of arches and other remains are easily found. Nevertheless, due to the state of conservation and characteristics, the most representative sample consists of the old fountain next to two riuraus.

In one of these riuraus we can see a raisin stove, a drying chamber that allowed the semi-industrialization of the drying process, created to reduce the production time and therefore to improve the product's sales. We can still see the almond shell oven. It is a room with a semi-buried oven mouth where families used almond shells to make fire, which smoke was transported through fat iron pipes to another room. This room was closed by sliding doors with rails to facilitate the rapid entrance of the wheelbarrows full of grapes. Here inside, the grapes would dry in perfect conditions.

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