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This is a building that in all probability dates back to the second half of the 16th century but has undergone numerous renovations. In its beginnings the construction was dedicated mainly to administrative and commercial uses: the higher floors housed the wheat store house (El Pósit), the Council Meetings Room and the Court of Justice. The ground floor, of open structure, was used as market place. The basement was occupied by the prison (in fact there are still graffitis on the walls consisting of boats that could have been made by captured pirates). At present these graffitis have been covered up and cannot be visited. In 1860 the building was converted into "Sala del Ayuntamiento" (Town Hall), use that it maintained until the 1980s (even today many of the towns older citizens still refer to this building as "la Sala", name that was given colloquially to the Town Hall). Finally in 1981 the Town Council moved to the Old Hospital and work started on the building in order to recuperate its original aspect as we see it today. In 1987 it became the Casal dels Joves and, as such, houses the new facilities of the Town Council Youth Department.