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History, tradition and faith come together in Callosa de Segura's enactment of the Passion of Christ. Find out all the details.

La Pasión de Callosa de Segura is an auto sacramental that enacts the Passion of Christ. Since 1969, an amateur theatre group based in the town has told the story of the Corona Mortificada, which is now known as the Cuadros Plásticos. Listed an event of tourist interest, La Pasión brings the town alive during Semana Santa (Holy Week).

The performance was awarded the Best Stage Show prize during the Certamen Provincial del Teatro de Alicante in 1974. The theatre piece is based on the script of El Drama del Calvario and incorporates scenes of the Corona Mortificada. Over 60 main actors, 50 extras and 140 collaborators are involved in making La Pasión de Callosa de Segura such a special event.

This is an emotional piece that we highly recommend seeing at least once. We’ll see you there.

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