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The festivity of Callosa de Segura, in honour of its patron San Roque, begins each year on 5 August and last until the 16 of this month. The festival of Moors and Christians began in Callosa de Segura in 1977 and, since its inception, it has been characterized as a festival to remember the “Reconquista” age (the time when Christians conquered back the territories to the Moors) with the celebration and organization of a parade in which participants are divided into the two sides, Moors and Christians, and dressed according to the medieval times of each culture. The itinerary of the general parades begins in the Station Promenade until reaching the Avenue of the Constitution. The Moors are represented by Benimerines, Abd-Al-Azíes and Saracens, while the Christian side is represented by Students, Corsairs, Smugglers, Cid Knights and Farmers. Another classic event of these celebrations is the “Novena of San Roque”, held from 5 to 13 August.

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