Ruta del Vinalopó al Exilio

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Eighty years ago, the towns of Petrer, Elda and Monóvar witnessed the end of the Spanish Civil War. On this tour, you can visit the air-raid shelters, Manuel Azaña’s baton and Castelar’s house.

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Eighty years ago, Elda, Petrer and Monóvar lived through the final moments of the Spanish Civil War in the Mediterranean. This tour will take you on a discovery of these towns so you can live the history of Spain up close. You will see the air-raid shelters and air-raid canyon in Petrer, moving on to visit Manuel Azaña Díaz’s baton, Castelar’s house and the Casino in Elda. The tour concludes in Monóvar with a visit to El Fondó district, where you’ll discover the different places linked to the end of the violent conflict.

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