Fiestas Mayores de Elda

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This holiday rewards tradition and devotion to the patron saints of the town. The main feast days are on September 8, feast of the Our Lady of Health, and on September 9, the feast of Christ of the Good Happening. Both days, a mass is celebrated in the church of Santa Ana and, in the afternoon, after the "Salve Solemne", extraordinary processions take place of the effigies through the streets that recall the delivery of the patron saints to Elda, the ship's arrival and pilgrims. In these two days, one of the most colorful, traditional and mass events of these celebrations takes place, 'Run the Traca', an act which was recovered a few years ago. The "traca" (fireworks) begins at Constitution Square and moves through different streets, before ending into the Castelar Square. Thousands of people wearing an umbrella participate in a hectic race over a distance of nearly one kilometer. The celebration and joy is present throughout the day in neighborhoods with decorated streets, games, open-air dances, tastings, music... There is also a "barraca popular" called "el Barracón, where concerts are held these days and an open-air nightclub is mounted until the wee hours of the morning. Days of harmony among neighbors and all those who want to visit Elda during these days, to feel oneself more alive and share the celebration with the inhabitants of the town.

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