Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Finestrat

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Do you want to know more about how the ancient inhabitants of Finestrat lived? This museum is the best way to travel back in time.

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Finestrat is hiding many treasures, such as La Cala Beach or Puig Campana, and the stories and traditions born in places like these are collected in an equally special place, built in an old farmhouse with an exhibition that will awaken the imagination of its visitors. We are talking about the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Finestrat.

The building where this museum is located dates back to the 19th century and, therefore, preserves a traditional physiognomy that has been protected and adapted to its new purpose. It is located in a very special spot: the Font de Carrè.

We must not lose sight of the fact that this town is built on the site of a Muslim castle, in the old part of the town; throughout its long history, it has been home to different civilisations. In the museum, we’ll learn about the oldest inhabitants of the village, whose remains come from the Upper Palaeolithic Age.

There are also remains from the Bronze Age, collected in the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Finestrat, which testify to the strategic location of this town that made it so attractive over the centuries. Iberian and Roman sites have been found here, such as those in the marshes of La Cala. Later, we can learn more about the Arab period and, finally, learn more about the Reconquest.

We will gradually travel to the present day, discovering how the ancient inhabitants lived and earned their livelihoods. We recommend visiting the museum between climbing its peaks or sunbathing on its beaches; you can also take a stroll through the streets of this beautiful town. Are you up for a visit to the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Finestrat to learn much more about this area of La Marina Baixa? We look forward to seeing you!