Homage To The Workers Monument

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This monument made out of Anasol marble represents local development, highlighting the industrial development of this century. It contains the following epitaph: "IBI: IN RECOGNITION OF THE WORKERS FOR THEIR PARICIPATION IN LOCAL DEVELOPMENT AND OF THE VICTIMS OF INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENTS". Its erect position symbolises the growth throughout the years and its projection towards the future. But not everything is perfect. One of its sides is damaged. It is a dent that was produced by the terrible consequences of the industrial accidents, in particular, the hole made in Ibi society by the tragic explosion of August '68. In this hole a luminous sphere has been placed in memory of all the victims of industrial accidents. This ball is situated on an axis that points symbolically towards the present and the future of local development recognising the special contribution of the aforementioned victims. The reference to the different economic sectors, driving forces of Ibi development are represented through work tools and utensils that are typical of each sector, engraved in low relief in each one of the four faces of the monolith.