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The sculptor from Bañeres Vicente Ferrero, member of the Valencia Arts Council, is the person who created this monument which is installed in the square called Plaza del Centenario, between the street Santa Rita and Avda. Juan Carlos I. Inaugurated in December 2005, the monument consists of a corporeal figure of some two metres in height situated on top of a prismatic base of some three metres in height, on the sides of which the four reliefs are placed. The whole monument is cast in bronze. It represents maternity, an image of the industry in Ibi, holding her child playing with a trap, on a pedestal where in four reliefs the history of the toy is represented, the game of the boys and girls, the surprise of the creator of Toys and the dream of the eve of the Reyes Magos (Three Wise Men; Epiphany). The monument pays homage to the men and women who for 100 years have devoted their time to the exciting task of making toys. On it are inscribed the names of all the Ibi companies that for these 100 years have had a relation with the toy industry.