Fiestas Patronales de Nuestra Señora Virgen de Belén

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On 8 September, when the summer fruit has matured, the festivities are held in honor of Our Lady of Bethlehem. During the feast, the village again remembers certain traditions that have been lost, as the famous ribbons races, the beautiful queens of the festival, the offering of flowers to the Virgin, procession and Mass devoted to Our Lady of Bethlehem, where the whole town participates. At midnight, there is a serenade full of songs, poems, compliments and praise directed to Our Lady of Bethlehem with the levee as the final moment. The weekend before, three queens are crowned. On day 7, the floral offering to the patron saint takes place and on day 8 ends a procession in the palace gardens, combined with a show of dressage, is performed.
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