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It is a common fact in many cultures that the urban elements that can be observed in the streets are intended to invoke prosperity and protection and that it materializes in symbols and figures that we find in the doors of the houses. For example, the use of faliform symbols has been very common: in the form of phalluses on the latches. It is thought that this fact is related to the agrarian traditions that tried to invoke fertility both in the field and inside the house.​

Other symbols came from the animal bestiary. The goat has been linked to cults of fecundity and demonic forces. The image of the dog meant the guardian of the house and destroyer of the evil spirits, the lion symbolizes royalty and the dragon immortality. But not only the symbols of animals have been used, another well-known and used has been the hand. There are different interpretations but the best known is that which relates this figure to the Arab tradition so rooted in our lands. The famous hand that knocks on the doors could be considered an evolution of the hand of Fatima, used as a repellent of bad luck and protective of the home

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