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The washing place is always an emblematic place in the villages of Marina Alta, they kept part of the women's history. And its because these spent hours washing sheets, blankets, towels and clothes. Here they came down, gathered, talked, gossiped about the day a day from all that was happening in their villages and neighboring municipalities. In those days it was a very hard job, it was not just washing their children and husbands clothes after their long days working on the field, previously they had to prepare the soap, a traditional stone soap recipe made oil-based.

Although nowadays they are not being used anymore, due to the comfort of the new technologies, the vast majority are still standing and the water is still running. Formed by a rectangular raft, and inclined slabs on both longer sides, it had to be build next to a water spring and mostly it was covered with a porch in order to have shade during the summer.

The old washing place of Murla is located just next to the southern wall of the Castell del Pop. The source that feeds it (La Font del Poble), is more separated than usual, about a hundred metres, so in order to bring the water, it was channeled under the houses. Today this channel still prevails. So, if we pay attention and follow the sound of the water, we can discover beautiful spots between the houses.

But this washing place has not always been used to wash household clothes, in fact, when the "new washing place" was buil, just next to La Font del Poble, the old one started being used just for cleaning work utensils like sacks or mats, so the water for cleaning clothes was not getting dirty.

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