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17th January is the feast of Sant Antoni Abad. This festival is known as El Porrat in our town and goes back centuries. The celebration takes place in the Carrer El Salvador, at the Hermitage of Sant Antoni. The celebration is primarily agricultural in

nature, with a blessing of bread and the active participation of animals, especially horses, which come from all over the province to take part in an equestrian street parade. Friday night sees the beginning of the festivities, with a welcoming speech and a bonfire to burn old furniture. Saturday features children’s activities in the afternoon and correfocs, with fireworks

in the streets at night. On Sunday there are a number of religious acts, blessing of the animals, street parades and an extraordinary mascletà.

Music fills the air with typical instruments such as the dolçaina flute and tabalet and accompanies visitors as they enjoy stalls offering typical products, the horse parade and fireworks displays, ingredients which give the distinct flavour to a typical January fiesta at the Carrer Carnisseria.

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