Convent Of San Buenaventura

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At the southern entrance to the town one finds the convent of the Inmaculada or of San Buenaventura. The convent began being built on 18th February 1674, the date on which the first stone was placed, and it was finished on 4th October 1687. Worship began immediately under the responsibility of the friars of the Alcantarine Franciscan Order. Later, in 1890, it was inhabited by the Religious Order of the Justinian Conceptionist Nuns, as it remains today. Although architecturally it is a robust and solid building, the paintings and frescoes on the inside are interesting. One can admire the Chapels of San Pascual and San Francisco, which have been recently restored. One has to highlight the way of organising the spaces in this convent, the human iconography and other technical details. These works, due to their naturalist nature and the Italian influence to be seen in them, seem to have been carried out towards the end of the 17th century. We can also observe the work of Bartolomé Albert in the decoration of some of the works. Here the beautiful image of Jesus of Nazareth is venerated in the beautiful sculpture by Esteve Bonet, of which he only made two other copies, which are placed in other temples. On the outside, apart from the sober aspect of this building we can enjoy the gardens and surrounding area, right in the middle of the centre of town.