Iglesia Parroquial Santiago Apóstol (Saint James The Apostle Parish Church)

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The Parish Church of Onil is situated in the western part of the Municipal Palace. The church finished being built in the year 1778 by the architect Cambra. In size it is 25 metres long, 9 metres wide and 13 metres high. It has only one nave. The pillars are of stone, as is the whole church, with capitals and semi-circular arches. The vaults are barrel vaults shored up with semi-circular arches with arrises. The lateral surfaces, between the diagonal arrises, are painted in fresco representing the three Christian and Cardinal virtues. Amongst other things to be highlighted is the beautiful Altar Mayor (Main Altar), which was previously made of carved wood framed within the Baroque Churrigueresque. Of gold polychrome it presides over the Magnificent Altarpiece of the Apostle Saint James the Elder, from the 15th, the artistic value of which is incalculable, although it is of unknown authorship according to scholars its signature pertains to a man known as the Maestro of Onil. Also to be emphasised along with the Altarpiece, for its great artistic value, is the Chapel of Nostre Senyor Robat, of Valencian Baroque style, on the right of the nave, and on the left, the Baptistery, the frescoes of which, dating back to 1950, are the work of an internationally recognised artist born in Onil, Eusebio Sempere. Without a doubt this is a beautiful parochial temple highly recommended as a temple of worship to be visited and contemplated.

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