Palace-Fortress Of The Marquis Of Dos Aguas

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This Palace-Fortress began to be built in 1539, its style is Gothic-Renaissance and it was terminated in 1614. Its construction was ordered by Ramón de Vilanova, Baron of the Foia de Castalla and Lord of Onil and Fabanella, and it was inherited by Gaspar de Rocafull, who, in 1624, was conferred with the title of Marquis of Dos Aguas by the king, Felipe IV. The layout of the building is quadrangular and it has four turrets, each with its own noble coat of arms, it houses the Town Council outbuildings, while one of the towers houses the church belfry. It has a moat on the outside, which gives access to the interior in which one finds a cloister or porticoed courtyard, where the prison under the Lordship’s Jurisdiction was to be found. The inner rooms are vaulted and the windows have window seats some of which are unfinished. All of the floors of this magnificent building are spacious and large with wooden coffered ceilings.

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