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Discover the pottery past of Orba and Orbeta by visiting the Museu del Fang. Will you join us?

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Did you know that during the 19th century, Orba was the main pottery producer in La Marina? Its legacy has been clear in the four walls of the Museu del Fang since its inauguration in 2018. It houses pieces from more than 40 donations to display the pottery heritage, its historical evolution and the particular features that make it different.

The collection is made up of unique objects that bear witness to the importance of this town’s trade since the 17th century. The aim of the Museu del Fang is to evoke Orba's splendour in the pottery industry and to highlight its socio-cultural value and the mark it has left.

The museum is located in the Casa de la Señoría, which boasts a noble history that is well worth discovering. Apart from that, travelling to Orba to learn about the pottery tradition and the history of clay will also lead you to enjoying activities such as guided tours or workshops in factories. The Museu del Fang is ready to surprise you. Are you ready?