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Club Surf El Moreno
Precio: 40.0 €
Our introductory courses focus on teaching those fundamental aspects that every new surfer must know. If you want to learn to practice this sport or you are a newbie, this is the best option. Our Surf Initiation Courses are taught by expert wave instructors and trained by FESURF. Directed and designed for small groups of maximum 7 students per instructor in order to promote quality teaching.
Our classes will help you: understand the sea, its waves, tides and shoals., take the appropriate secutity measures. surfboard positioning techniques, paddling and "duck diving" skills "take off" and "Bottom turn" manoeuvres.
Groups of 3 members at least
# Availability
All year
# Services included
Material, Accident Insurance and R.C, FESURF Qualified Instructor.