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Take a rest from your explorations of Santa Pola at this park which is home to some Roman remains.

Parque El Palmeral in Santa Pola is a lovely green area that brings a touch of the natural world to town living. As its name suggests, there are plenty of palm trees whose canopies provide welcome shade and a playpark where your kids will spend hours happily running around.

El Palmeral park is also the site of the remains of a Roman house known as Casa Romana del Palmeral. Dating to the 4th century AD, this ancient dwelling has seven rooms opulently decorated with geometric and colourful mosaics and murals on the walls. Features that speak of the owner of the property's wealth.

It couldn’t be easier to get to Parque El Palmeral. The garden is located in the centre of Santa Pola, on Avenida Portus Ilicitanus, and is just a short stroll from Santa Pola port.

Parque El Palmeral is an ideal place to stop and take a well-deserved rest during your exploration of Santa Pola. Perhaps you will have worn yourself out from experiencing the vibrant festivals and events taking place in the town, soaking up some culture at Centro Cultural del Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola or seeing all sorts of fascinating sea life during a visit to the town aquarium. If you’re spending some time in the destination, you also won’t want to miss the salt flats, the natural park and Museo de la Sal, the salt museum. Before returning to this park to experience the very best of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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