Santa Pola Salt Flats Nature Park

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Near the ancient wetlands outside Santa Pola, salt has been mined since the beginning of the 20th C at Braç del Port, El Pinet, etc., contributing to changes along the edge of these marshlands. Today's Nature Park preserves various habitats: the salt flats close the sea, the freshwater pools in the marsh area and periphery, and the bordering farmlands. Flora and fauna have adapted to the wet conditions and high salt content. Spectacular concentrations of greater flamingos, including thousands of birds, can sometimes be seen here. The dunes in the El Pinet area are an interesting part of the park, which has an Information Centre at the Museo de la Sal de Santa Pola.
El centro de visitantes = Museo de la Sal:Av. Zaragoza, 45 CP 03130 Santa Pola ( Alicante)Teléfono/Fax: 96 669 35

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