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Water has always been a limited resource, not only in times of shortage but also because of the need to have it close to home. Much effort has been made to build a whole network of ducts to move it as close as possible to the urban centers. Since Roman times, engineers have managed to make the impossible possible, with aqueducts, ponds and canals.


But fourtunately the people of Senija have always had this resource at their fingertrips. The town fountain has been one of its most precious goods. When there was no running water in the houses, the townspeople would go to the fountain to get water, and it was right there. It is currently located in the Casa de Cultura (House of Culture) in the town centre. This is not surprising, since most of the farmhouses from the Muslim period were positioned near one of these fountains for accessibility.


Going to the fountain to fetch water has been an activity that until recently could be seen in many towns. Te women of the town would walk to the fountain to fill up their jugs, in order to have water available for cooking, drinking, washing dishes or washing oneself.

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