Make your way to Plaza de San Miguel in Altura to take a look around San Miguel Arcángel parish church.

Work concluded on San Miguel Arcángel parish church in the 18th century, specifically the year 1789. The dome crumbled the following century and was rebuilt with the characteristically Mediterranean blue and white tiles that you can see today.

The church is located within the walled part of Altura, in the centre of the town. Gazing at the Neoclassical building from the outside, you will notice buttresses located on top of the side chapels and when you step inside, you find yourself in a church with three spaces divided into four sections. Turn your head upwards and you will see a barrel vault and an oval dome. The latter fell in 1880 and was rebuilt four years later.

The pillars are adorned with pretty decorations while the pendentives display paintings of four archangels. The vaulted ceiling is defined by paintings of the Glorious Mysteries.

Before too long, your eyes will be drawn to the 15th century San Miguel altarpiece that was originally housed in Cartuja de Vall de Crist. There is also a great organ from the 18th century.

The belltower is a pretty hexagonal structure comprising two blocks that are topped with a little dome. In the upper block there are seven bells and a ratchet that is over 200 years old.

Come and visit this Neoclassical church to gaze at the paintings and images, such as that of the patron saint of the town, Virgen de Gracia, a coloured sculpture dating back to the 15th century. And if your visit leaves you craving more religious sites, make your way to Cartuja de Vall de Crist, an historic monastery.