Coincide your visit to Benicarló, a pretty town sitting on the Castellón coastline, with a festival celebrating San Gregorio.

On the 9 May, Benicarló celebrates San Gregorio, one of the town’s patron saints who is said to have helped the town survive the terrible plagues that ravaged the area in years gone by.

The festival is excuse you’ve been looking for to come to Benicarló to enjoy both the beautiful beaches – particularly La Mar Xica and Del Gurugú – and the festivities, which start at night with a torrà (barbecue) close to the chapel.

Early the next day, the traditional pilgrimage sets off from San Bartolomé church, continuing to the chapel. Transferring the saint, the locals cover the distance on foot, by cart or on horseback. Cones of sweets are handed out to keep your strengths up. At the chapel, you will find a fair and plenty of paellas bubbling away. A wonderful way to spend a spring day. Come and celebrate San Gregorio in Benicarló and fall in love with this part of the Mediterranean.

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El día 9 de mayo, fiesta laboral local.

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