A bustling hub of everyday life, Benicarló market is stacked high with quality and locally sourced produce.

Since 1965, Mercado Municipal in Benicarló has been the vibrant epicentre of the town, particularly since its recent renovation that made it much more accessible to pedestrians and passers-by. The market sits in the heart of the town and draws in customers who enjoy purchasing their products from traditional stalls.

The market has a total of 36 stalls that stock everything you could possibly want and more. Among them, you will find quality produce, such as the town’s Designation of Origin artichoke, as well as freshly caught fish and seafood that is brought in from the port every day. You can also shop quality meats, sausages and charcuterie, artisanal bread and other traditional products. And when shopper's fatigue sets in, you can take a seat at one of the two cafés to regain your strengths.

Benicarló’s Mercado Municipal is one of just a handful of markets that open in the afternoon Monday to Friday, complementing the weekly street market held on a Wednesday.

We recommend starting your exploration of Benicarló in the town market before heading to Museo MUCBE where you can discover the history of the Iberian people who settled in the area. If you keep up-to-date with the town’s event programme, you could even coincide your visit with the town’s Artichoke Festival, which will immerse you in the world of gastronomy. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your getaway today.