Various scenes of the last hours of the life of Jesus are represented in natural settings scattered throughout the municipality.

The Passion of Borriol is a dramatization of the passion and death of Jesus Christ organized by the cultural association "Nueva Jerusalem", declared a Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest since 2015. It is only performed on Holy Thursday night, when thousands of visitors gather in Borriol to see its streets transformed into the Jerusalem of two thousand years ago, thanks to the realism of the sets and the participation of more than 200 actors.

The function has been held since 1975, being the oldest in the province. It is based on the Gospel of Saint John, with a booklet by Henry Bouché and music by maestro Rafael Beltran. It is divided into 12 acts that are spread over different streets and five fixed stages. The fact that some acts are celebrated simultaneously, as the Gospel recounts, allows repeat visitors to enjoy a different Passion each year.

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