On Saturday the majorals rig up the animals and hitch a ride on a large canopied cart. Previously on the sidewalk of each house there is a trunk or a piece of firewood given by a neighbor that the car loads as it goes and unloads at the end of the journey, at Plaza del Pou where the bonfire is made. There, the firewood is stacked for the future bonfire. Throughout the day several trips are made, highlighting the ascent to the Arrabal (Doctor Portolés street) with a very steep slope, becoming a demonstration of strength and skills. After the firewood is stacked, a totally solid frustoconical pyre is formed, topped by a pine capolla (pirri).

At 18:30 in the Church of San Bartomeu, there is the blessing of the animals and the "delgadas" (pastries with oil, flour, brandy, egg and sugar) and at 10:00 the bonfire is lit while the animals parade in procession . That night can not miss the figues albardades.

Sunday there is a "despertà" (Music all around the town to awake the citizens) by the town's dulzaineros and at 11 a.m. High mass is celebrated in honor of the Saint at the church of San Bartomeu, with a sermon and songs.

Monday the party continues with a mass. Afterwards there are games and competitions, highlighting the donkey race.

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Fin de semana anterior al 17 de enero.

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