Romería a San Juan de Peñagolosa

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This pilgrimage from the inland village of Culla to San Juan del Peñagolosa chapel dates back centuries to the Middle Ages.

Since before the year 1400, the inhabitants of Culla have walked, year after year, from the village to San Juan del Peñagolosa chapel on the Friday of the Feast of Corpus Christi. The pilgrims gather at El Salvador de Culla parish church at 6 o´clock in the morning, setting off on their 30km walk to the chapel.

Along the way, stops are made at Sant Bartolomeu chapel and Font de l'Alforí where the pilgrims sing hymns and pray. The pilgrims arrive at San Juan del Peñagolosa chapel at nightfall, offering an altar candle which will remain alight throughout the year, in homage of the deceased in the village. This candle is carried throughout the pilgrimage.

After spending the night in the chapel, the pilgrims bless the church spring, praying for a year of good harvest and abundant crops. They then make their way back to the village where the locals are waiting to welcome them. An event that speaks volumes of history.

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