Grand China Acrobatic Circus

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Treat you and your family to an awesome spectacle performed by the Grand China Acrobatic Circus and dive into the watery world of the sea without even leaving your seats.

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Auditori Leopoldo Peñarroja presents the Grand China Acrobatic Circus and a magical spectacle that will leave you and your kids absolutely spellbound. Enveloping all five senses, the acrobatic extravaganza stars over 30 artists, many of whom are Olympic medallists and some of whom were in Cirque du Soleil. The show takes you into a fantastical world, telling the story of a boy who is seduced by a beautiful fairy called Fénix. She flies over the sea and then decides to jump into the water. The boy follows and starts drowning, before the fairy saves him, asking him to fly with her into the wonderful underwater world. A spectacle of imagination and acrobatics for all the family.

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