The upper reaches of the Mijares river

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The upper reaches of the Mijares river run through steep ravines and slopes cloaked in pine trees before widening out to irrigate the fields of La Plana district. Water from streams, dams or thermal and medicinal springs, is the true protagonist of the area. Near Montanejos, the spectacular Maimona ravine and the Chillapájaros defile offer excellent sites for climbers. The Villahermosa river, an affluent of the Mijares, descends through the Penyagolosa massif through Ludiente and Argelita. A number of signposted footpaths, among which is the Long-Distance Hiking Route GR-7, give visitors access to these attractive Mediterranean mountain scenes. On the frontier with the region of Aragón, Cortes de Arenoso and San Vicente have attractive highlands and moorlands.

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