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The Music-Cultural Exchange Association “Enharmonía” was born in 2012 in Altura (Alto Palancia), in a region where the bells of “emptied Spain” ring forcefully. This initiative intends that these more rural places have the same opportunities as urban areas in terms of offering classical music. “Carpe Diem Chamber Orchestra Saint Petersburg”, was founded on the initiative of musicians who are part of some of the main symphony orchestras of Saint Petersburg. The purpose of the collective is music and only music: “We want to do what we like in our profession. Our way of working is to pool our thoughts in a reasonable way and thus find a common decision. Now more than ever, music shows that it is a universal language that does not understand regimes or borders and that it is composed and performed by women and men who dream of freedom and democracy. Since its creation, its artistic director is Raisa Ulumbekova and the musical director is Pablo Marqués. In the concert that will take place on Saturday August 13 in the Gothic Hall of the Castell del Papa Luna in Peñíscola, we will be able to enjoy music by Russian composers created for a chamber orchestra.

* Free entry with invitation that will be distributed 2 hours before at the Castle box office until full capacity is reached.