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SAÓ, Viajes Naturales

Precio: 280.0 €
Live a weekend in full nature in the interior of the province of Castellón with a purpose, to reconnect with the internal rhythms. To Release, Feel, Smile and Enjoy. The perfect combination between a perfectly integrated accommodation in its natural environment with unique and exclusive views. Built in a sustainable way, it generates its own electric energy through solar panels, in the taps the water comes from a nearby spring, which is heated with solar panels, the firewood for the stoves is the result of cleaning the forests near the farmhouse.
Stay in full board for two nights with eco food from organic garden, cooked under the principles of macrobiotic cuisine, two practices of yoga and guided meditation (one per day), small introduction to the method of natural cultivation in our garden and explanation of the basic principles of our macrobiotic cuisine. Price per person, two people minimum, consult extra price for individual client. Recommended experience for adults.


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