Las Fallas

Fire, gunpowder, music and tradition. A festival for all the senses! Since March 1, powder and music invade València, turning the city into a stage full of art, show and tradition. Each neighbourhood and street convey the spirit of this exceptional party, the most important and representative celebrated every year in honour of San José.

Since 2016, thanks to its history, character and values, the Valencian festival is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in addition to Festivals of International Tourist Interest by UNESCO. The Fallas are unique!
From March 15 to 19, we celebrate the great “fallera” week with acts that define our San José festival: “Mascletaes”, the “Cabalgata de Fuego”, the “Plantà”, the “Ofrenda a la Virgen”, the “Nit del Foc”, the “Cremà” and the traditional “Despertàs” to start your holiday. A “fallero” program that complements perfectly with unique gastronomy, an open city and a unique atmosphere. Do you sign up for the best Fallas of your life?

Come willing to enjoy! A real feast for your palate awaits you in every corner of the city. Churros and chocolate, a winning combination!; traditional snacks, the main protagonists in all the houses; Valencian paella, one more symbol of our party and always present at each celebration! A glass of “horchata” is the perfect stop to recover and continue with the visit to a city ready to surprise you step by step. 

During those days, you will see a fantastic exhibition of ephemeral art. About 800 monuments of wood, cardboard and lots of satire, fill the streets of València to celebrate the arrival of spring. Moreover, band music and thousands of falleros and falleras will parade with their traditional Valencian clothing. Can you imagine it? You don’t need to, come live the Fallas!

Imágenes de las fallas