Arroz caldoso con cerdo, nabos y judías (rice with pork, turnips and beans)

  • Arroces

Typical winter dish, made in an earthenware casserole dish, known in many parts of the Region of Valencia as arròs amb fesols i naps. A recipe that, because of its appearance and preparation method, could well be considered a moist stew.



600 gr pork pieces (backbone, feet, tail...); 400 gr turnip; 200 gr dried white beans; 350 gr rice; 1 onion; 4 garlic cloves; 1 tomato; 6 tablespoons of olive oil; salt; saffron.


Heat 6 tablespoons of olive oil in an earthenware pot. When hot, add the lobster cut in half lengthwise. Fry lightly, remove and save. Now fry finely chopped onion, diced cuttlefish, quartered artichokes and broad beans for about 10 minutes, then add the grated tomato. Stir well and add water. Place the lobster in the pot again and leave to simmer for 5 minutes before adding the rice.