Arroz Caldoso con Conejo y Verduras (Rice with rabbit and vegetables)

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Dish prepared in a stew pot which includes, as well as rabbit, several traditional ingredients in Valencian cuisine, such as the ñora pepper and garrofón butter beans. A delicious and comforting rice dish for the cold winter months.





1 rabbit weighing approx. 1 kg; 250 gr green beans; 1 baked red pepper; 1 onion; 1 ñora (dried sweet red pepper); 2 artichokes; 150 gr dried broad beans; olive olí; 400 gr rice; saffron; salt; 200 gr fresh broad beans; water.


Heat the olive oil and alt in a pot. Add the chopped rabbit and fry lightly for 10 minutes. Add the beans, artichoke and diced baked pepper. When done, mix in the grated tomato. Stir well and add water and ñora (sweet dried red pepper). Leave to simmer for 3/4 hour and then add the rice. Salt to taste, add the saffron and leave to simmer until the rice is done.