Arroz de pulpo y bacalao

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This is one of the best receipes that can be cooked in the Valencia Region. A dish with its own personality that gives part of its prominence to the octopus.



Servers 4:

200 g. rice
150 g. cooked octopus
50 g. flaked cod
100 g. diced tomato
100 g. wild mushrooms
50 g. chopped onion
50 g. artichoke
50 g. garrafón beans
50 g. diced courgette
50 g. roasted red pepper
30 g. diced green pepper
25 g. leek cut into julienne strips
25 g. cayenne pepper
1 tsp chopped spring onion
1 cube liquid ñora
4 tbsp olive oil
1.2 l. fumet
A mixed handful of garlic and mint
A pinch of thyme and pebrella


Sauté the vegetables in order of hardness. Lightly fry the tomato and cayenne pepper and then add the fumet. When it begins to boil, add the rice, seasoning and spices. Eight minutes before the rice is ready, add the octopus and cod. Add the garlic and mint and then garnish with parsley and chopped spring onion.