• Arroces


The Valencia Region invites you to prove this wonderful development that counts with gourmet fresh local products.



350 g. rice
A 1-kilo monkfish
8 prawns
1 medium-sized cuttlefish
2 ripe tomatoes
2 artichokes
250 g. pinto beans
Half an onion
5 cloves of garlic
100 ml. olive oil
Saffron threads
Food colouring


In a casserole dish, preferably made of iron, fry the ñora, the peeled garlic cloves and one of the ripe tomatoes. When golden, remove from the oil and allow to cool before crushing with a little parsley using a pestle and mortar. Flake and salt the monkfish. Using the same oil as before, gently fry the onion,
the remaining tomato, the beans and the finely chopped artichoke, covering the casserole dish with the lid. When the mixture is golden, add the chopped
cuttlefish, the flaked monkfish (including the head), the previous mixture from the pestle and mortar, the rice, food colouring and the saffron. Stir briefly and
then add hot water. The exact volume of water will depend on factors such as the strength of the flame, the material of the casserole dish and, of course, how loose you want the rice, but should be no more than 1.3 litres. Add the prawns five minutes before turning off the heat.