Marinated tuna with 7 spices

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From the Cabanyal of Valencia

Delicious marinated tuna, a traditional recipe but with a touch of oriental spices. Perfect for lovers of fish and salted dish.





150 g Fresh Tuna5 g Mace 5 g Cardamom 5 g White mustard 5 g Black mustard 5 g White Pepper 5 g Black pepper 5 g Smoke100 ml Olive oil Salt and sugar in equal parts to macerate.


Put a layer of salt and another sugar in a bowl. Place tuna piece above and cover it with another layer of sugar and another of salt. Marinate a few hours. Wash the tuna, dry it with a soft cloth and cut it into fillets. Grind the mace, the white and black pepper, the cardamom and a little smoked salt in a mixer. Add the mustards and oil. Let it rest and finally sprinkle the fillets of marinated tuna with spiced oil.