Monkfish rice with seaweed and sea urchins

  • Pescados y mariscos

The Valencia Region, among its gastronomic diversity, has culinary preparations such as this delicious dish elaborated with first-class ingredients. An easy preparation.




Four servers:

4 small monkfish tails
1 litre monkfish stock
6 sea urchin roe
200 g. cockles
50 g. sea lettuce
1 handful peeled sweet garlic
75 ml. olive oil
200 g. rice
4 peeled and roasted spring onions


Monkfish stock
Prepare the monkfish stock using four small monkfish heads, two leeks, two onions, three peeled cloves of garlic, mild olive oil and parsley. Heat oil in a
pan and sauté the monkfish heads then add the chopped vegetables and sauté with the heads for five minutes. Add enough water to cover all, boil for half
an hour, strain and set aside.

Prior preparation
Oven-roast the spring onions whole and the fresh chilli. Peel and set aside. Wash the sea lettuce. Steam open the cockles and set aside.

Preparing the rice
In a casserole dish with hot oil sauté the monkfish tails, add the chopped sweet garlic then add the rice and sauté for one minute. Gradually add the stock then cook for 15 minutes before adding half the sea urchin roe and setting the other half aside. Finally plate up, garnishing with the spring onions, cockles and sea
lettuce. Scatter the reserved half of the roe over the rice and top with a monkfish tail.