Paella de Langosta (Lobster paella)

  • València - Valencia (Provincia)
  • Arroces

Made according to the recipe for traditional paella, lobster paella is one of the most distinguished and delicious varieties in popular Valencian cuisine.






1 kg spiny lobster; 1/2 kg shrimp; 1 onion; 5 garlic cloves; 2 ripe tomatoes; 400 gr rice; saffron; salt; olive oil; fish stock.


Heat the oil in a paella pan and lightly fry the lobster cut into halves along with the shrimp heads, removed from their bodies. Shell the bodies. When done, remove and keep to one side. Now add the shelled shrimp, chopped onion, sliced garlic clovesand grated tomato. Lightly fry before adding the rice and the saffron. Finish by pouring in the fish stock and adding the lobster halves. Bring to a boil before salting to taste.