Paella of Albufera duck and locally-grown baby vegetables

  • València - Valencia (Provincia)
  • Arroces

The Valencian cuisine uses this time a visit to the Albufera and teaches us how to make a delicious paella.



One 900 g. duck
500 g. D.O. Valencia rice, Senia variety
250 g. flat green beans, Perona variety
4 artichokes
150 g. small peeled fava beans
150 g. wild asparagus
100 g. Mareny turnip
150 g. young garlic
150 cc. extra virgin olive oil
30 g. salt
2 saffron threads
3.6 g. food colouring
15 g. paprika
80 g. fresh tomatoes


Wash and peel all the vegetables. Chop the duck into uniformly-sized pieces and remove any excess fat. Heat the oil in a 70-centimetre paella dish over a medium heat and add the salt. Stir thoroughly to dissolve the salt, add the duck and sauté until golden. Remove the duck, place it in a pot and boil until tender and the meat falls off the bone. In the meantime, sauté the chopped vegetables in the paella dish over a low heat, adding the hardest first. Once the vegetables have been sautéed, remove the excess oil and add the tomato and paprika, pouring over the stock from boiling the duck until covered. Season to taste, then add the lightly toasted saffron threads and food colouring. Turn the heat up to its highest setting and boil for 5 minutes. Add the rice, keeping the heat high for 10 minutes then turning it down. Strip the duck meat from the bones then cook for a further 8 minutes. Check the caramelised rice at the bottom of the dish – the socarrat – and then leave to rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Best served straight from the paella dish with a wooden spoon.