Tarte Tatin of loquats and goat cheese

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A cake with regional and seasonal products

Today, and probably also tomorrow, I don’t’ have an extreme opinion on using regional and seasonal produce. We rather do what we like and when we like, taking advantage of fresh, frozen or canned products, harvested at their peak, kept in its proper place and conveniently manipulated. The truth is that we now have a huge pantry. Of course this time, I consider absolutely necessary to dip into the regional pantry.Let's make a Tarte Tatin of cheese and loquats, a very easy recipe to make, perfect to prepare in season. We also offer it off-season, as these loquats are brought to us by local farmers and we pack them in a natural and handmade way, so that we can use them all year round. One of the cheeses is a recent and local discovery: a goat cheese with black garlic by Quesos Artesanos La Loma in Elche, an excellent combination for our cake. But we can replace it by a traditional goat cheese roller and the cake will also turn out very good.


Ten people



Dough: 250 grs. pastry flour, 205 grs. diced butter, 3g. Salt y 55 grs. of ice water. Filling: 300 grs. spread cheese, 70 grs. goat cheese with black garlic or goat cheese roller, 50 grs. Idiazabal cheese or some other semi-smoked cheese, 100grs. Cream, 3 egg yolks, ½ egg, 1 teaspoon of sugar y ½ lime, zest and juice. Other: 500 grs. of loquat, natural or in syrup, ½ liter of water, 200 grs. Sugar, marmalade and candied pistachios.


Mix the ingredients without kneading too much, put aside at least 30 minutes while we prepare loquats.Peel the loquats, cut them in halves, remove the seeds, add them to a pan with the water and sugar, cook until completely reduced and turned into a very light caramel. If you want them softer, add more water to cook a little longer, being careful that the caramel does not get darker. Remove from heat. Preheat oven to 160 degrees. In a bowl, grate the cheeses. Grate the artisan goat cheese together with the skin, since it gives it a distinctive flavor. If you are using a goat cheese roller, though, it is better to remove it. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well with a whisk. We put loquats, with the outer side down, in the same pan if this can be baked or in ramekins and add the cream cheese on top. Put it in the oven. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Let cool and turn around on a cutting board.Stretch the dough with a rolling pin and give it the shape of the cheese cake(s), cook it separately until lightly browned.You can freeze the remaining dough for another time.Withdraw the cake base(s) from the oven, let it cool and put on the presentation plate, carefully because it breaks easily. Spread the marmalade on it, place the cheese cake on top, brush with the remaining syrup, marmalade and some candied pistachios.A good choice to end a meal with this dessert and accompany it with a good red wine from this land: Santa Rosa by Bodegas Mendoza.
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