Tuna au gratin with all i oli on ñora pepper jam

  • Pescados y mariscos

The Mediterranean cuisine offers a wide range of elements that have a special feature and very healthy, in this case we join several typical products of the Comunitat Valenciana to make this dish.


600 g. of tuna belly
300 g. of ñora pepper jam
200 g. of all i oli
4 cherry tomatoes
300 g. sepia tagliatelle
50 g. of peeled Guardamar king prawns
Breadcrumbs, salt


Make the all i oli and ñora pepper jam. Season the tuna and cook in a steam oven or seal it in a frying pan. Make a base with the ñora pepper jam, place the tuna belly on top, and then top with the all i oli. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and cook au gratin. Finally, add the sautéed tagliatelle and garnish with the chopped king prawns.