Beniali offers a romantic getaway in the heart of Castellón

Treat you and your loved one to the time you deserve with a country break where you can indulge in delicious gastronomy and connect with beautiful landscapes.


Following the difficulties of recent months, you deserve, now more than ever, to take a break and spend some quality time with your loved one. To take the opportunity to reconnect, to enjoy special moments together and live the magic of the Region of Valencia. There is no better place to make this plan a reality than at Hotel Beniali in Aín. 

Aín is one of the prettiest villages in the Region of Valencia. Nestled in the heart of Sierra de Espadán natural park in the province of Castellón, the village will immerse you in the tranquillity that only nature can, leaving you feeling fully regenerated. 

Hotel Beniali is located in this magical landscape. Warm and welcoming, the hotel will indulge you in everything you could want and more as you connect with the natural world from the very moment you arrive. 

Hotel Beniali promises a country getaway in which you will forget about your worries and instead focus on moments of pure hedonism. Enjoying the spectacular mountain views from the terrace, for example, and savouring the traditional dishes served at the restaurant. You can choose from a selection of beautiful guestrooms whose comfort will enable you to get the rest you deserve. 

Once you’re feeling re-energised, we recommend you explore Aín. Stroll down the quaint streets, breathe in the fresh air and discover why the village has earned the reputation as one of the most beautiful places in the Region of Valencia. And if you love getting out and about in the great outdoors, the hiking routes in the area will immerse you and your loved one in the most beautiful landscapes. All in all, the perfect couples getaway. 

Hotel Beniali

Located in the midst of Sierra de Espadán natural park, Aín will seduce you from the moment you arrive. It may be a small village, but it is bursting with life, traditions and extraordinary landscapes. It is also renowned for the quality produce it grows and then transforms into some of the best dishes in the Region of Valencia. A destination you’ll want to go back to time and time again. 

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