Casa Rural Benitandús is the ideal rural retreat to relax and enjoy family holidays surrounded by nature. Sierra Espadán mountains will welcome you and offer an unforgettable experience.

Casa Rural Benitandús is located on Alcudia de Veo, offering a friendly atmosphere so that you can feel right at home. Calm and peace will be part of your weekend trip, which is exactly what you need to get lost and scape from routine. Long walks through its narrow streets by the riparian forests, outstanding mountains, relaxing by the reservoir…

Sierra Espadán Natural Park is plenty of hideouts to get lost, do some hiking, trail running and active sightseeing in general. If you are more into relaxing, the centenary cottage has a patio and several terraces – specially important during the warmer months. Besides, its comfortable rooms are decorated with natural items made from stone, wood and wrought iron.

So much to see in Benitandús

Benitandús is a small village located at the beginning of a reservoir, which collects water from the Sierra Espadán through a stream that crosses the town. Benitandús is magical, everyone who comes falls in love with the old city, its mountains, landscapes, its quietness and the serenity that brings. It’s the ideal place to find your inner balance.

Els Orgues de Benitandús, the mountain that prevails in Benitandús, is a point of interest and locals are so proud of it. Its name comes from the curious shape of its rocks, similar to the tubes of a musical organ, created by the erosion of water when the sea level reached here. The area is composed of lush vegetation, always changing according to the slope where you are.

The athletes are so lucky here: climbing, Via Ferrata, fishing, canoeing, paddle surfing,  kids-friendly tracks and above all hiking, family routes and expert-level routes. A refuge to get lost and never come back. The church of the Virgen María de Los Desamparados of Benitandús is also a must-visit. A Catholic temple located at the entrance of the town, next to the Veo river.

Casa Rural de Benitandús

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