Discover the secrets of the huerta at Descubre l'Horta

Just a stone’s throw from València city there is a place where you can see what produce is in season and discover the ritual of cooking a paella al fresco. Explore the wonders of the huerta with Descubre l'Horta.


Located in Borbotó, Descubre L’Horta has been safeguarding the customs and traditions connected to València’s huerta (agricultural land) for almost the past ten years. The company is on a mission to give guests an authentic experience of the local gastronomy and rural lifestyle in the midst of a characteristically Valencian landscape defined by crop fields, irrigation channels and traditional buildings. 

You may be surprised to learn that Descubre L’Horta and its organic agricultural land is just half an hour from València city. Here you can discover the sacrosanct recipe for València’s dish par excellence - paella - and the pure joy of cooking al fresco surrounded by your friends. The recipe for paella depends on which vegetables are in season and the specific area you are in. But paella is always one thing: an occasion. Discovering the social ritual around cooking a paella is a truly enriching experience. 

Borbotó is a small hamlet located just outside València where growing vegetables defines the culture and the landscape. There is therefore no better place to learn how to make a traditional paella with chicken, rabbit, duck, traditional vegetables and - when it’s in season - artichoke. 

Nevertheless, Descubre L’Horta València’s traditional products extend far beyond paella. With the company, you can learn how to make artisanal horchata, a traditional Valencian drink made from tiger nuts, and discover how local women used to roll traditionally Valencian cigars known as caliqueños

As you look out over the fields you will probably see the local farmers working the huerta. They use a combination of modern techniques and age-old customs, such as traditional water management, painting an idyllic picture of present-day country life in the Region of Valencia. 

Spending time at Descubre L’Horta is the ideal opportunity to show your children how food is grown, instilling within them the value of produce cultivated using the most traditional of techniques. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a day at Descubre L’Horta to discover the agricultural fields and breathe in the fresh air. It doesn’t matter whether your paella is perfect; the most important thing is sharing the experience with the people you love. 

Descubre L’Horta

Borbotó is a quintessential hamlet located in the midst of the huerta. Located close to València city, you can get here on foot or by bike, taking a pretty route through the agricultural fields. The crops that are growing will depend on the time of year, showing you which produce is in season. A great way to connect with the natural world.

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