Horta Viva invites you to discover Valencia’s huerta, the agricultural land outside the city, in an experience that evokes all the senses.


The experiences that stay with us the longest are, without a shadow of a doubt, the ones that we live through the senses. Whether it be a foodie getaway or a walk immersed in the spray and aromas of the sea, the memories will come flooding back to you time and time again. The Region of Valencia offers a great many experiences that will get your senses tingling, including those organised by Horta Viva. 

Horta Viva specialises in agri-food tourism, taking you on a guided tour through Valencia’s huerta, the agricultural area just outside the city, to immerse you in the incredible rice culture, the best oranges in the Region of Valencia, the delicious olive oil and unmistakable Designated Origin wines. 

Once you’ve discovered the produce up close, Horta Viva will show you how to cook an authentic paella valenciana, setting up an outdoor kitchen in the midst of the orange trees or a plot of agricultural land in Meliana and teaching you how to get the rice just right, step by step. 

And that’s not all. Another of Horta Viva’s innovative proposals is a sunset tasting session in a stunning natural landscape, the organic plot. You can choose to savour Huerta & Wine, Huerta & Beer or Huerta & Tomato. 

For the team at Horta Viva, it is fundamentally important that we educate children about the environment. The company has, therefore, for over a decade been working with a number of different education centres, running projects that aim to raise awareness about the importance of valuing, respecting and preserving the huerta and the produce grown there. 

With Horta Viva you can dive into Horta Nord as never before, learn some local traditions and live a truly enriching experience in the midst of Valencia’s delicious produce. 

Horta Viva

Located in the heart of Horta Nord, Meliana epitomises the tranquility, beauty and essence of the Mediterranean. A taste of its food will delight your palate while its streets will immerse you in its long history and local culture.

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